PCB, PTH Plating Process
Product Application Guide

It is an electroless plating process to form Plated Through Hole (PTH) in PCB process.


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No. Process Explanation Chemicals
1 Clean & Conditioner Elimination of fine oxide film on copper surface MS-C2000
2 Rinse
3 Soft Etching It improves plating adhesion by fine anchoring effect and surface area enlargement on board surface. Removal of oxide film and neutralization of residual Alkali MS-C2100
4 Rinse
5 Pre-Dip Prevents water ingress into the bath, protects the catalyst, protects the Pd  Provides wettability to facilitate adsorption. MS-C2200
6 Catalyst MS-C2300
7 Rinse Pd colloid adsorption
8 Acclerator MS-C2400
9 Rinse
10 E’less  Cu MS-C2500
11 MS-C2600
13 Rinse
14 Electrolytic Plating or Image