Plating process on Intenna parts, LDS
Products Application Guidance

Among the built-in Antenna parts, circuits formed by laser are sorted as LDS parts group. LDS processing method ,in addition to intenna products, has the merits on making construction surface of automobile airbag, hearing aid, connectors, and various foods of sensor small, lightweight, thin, and short of those whole products through forming the pattern by laser. As materials contain metal catalyst and the metal being activated by laser, plating process design needs full understanding about the materials.


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Electroless Nickel Sealing Solution SG-1

No. Process Explanation Chemicals
1 Ultrasonic Cleaning MS MID Acid Clean
2 Rinsing
3 Conditioner Circuit Surface Adjustment MS MID Conditioner
Alkali Etching Solution MS S-32
4 Rinsing
5 Strike Activating the Circuit MS MID Cu-70 Strike
6 Rinsing or Liquid Removing
7 Elctroless Copper Plating Build Up 15㎛ MS MID Cu-70 Build Up
8 Rinsing
9 Catalyst Treatment Activator MS MID ACT 100
10 Rinsing
11 Electroless Nickel Plating Mid,Low Phosphorous MS MID EN-511
Low Stress Nickel Alloy MS MID ENW
Mid Phosphorous Shining MS MID 211 Shining
High Phosphorous MS MID 611
Ni-B 60℃ Work MS MID 811
12 Rinsing
13 Replacement or Reducing Gold Plating Option MS MID Auroless Process