Plating process on intenna parts, Dual Moulding
Products Application Guidance

Dual moulded circit built-in antenna parts. Usually PC materials are used for the primary infection and ABS resin is used for dual moulded circuit surface. Afterwards, it is necessary to change the process for SMD as high-termerature resin shall be applied for this process.


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Electroless Nickel Sealing Solution SG-1

No. Process Explanation Chemicals
1 Cleaning MSPL Cleaner
2 Liquid Removing
3 Etching   MS PL WA
4 Rinsing  
5 Restoration,Neutralization Residual hexavalent chromium removal
6 Rinsing
7 Pre-immersion Pre-Dip
8 Catalyst Treatment Activator MS SP200
9 Rinsing
10 Accelerator Accelerator
11 Rinsing
12 Electroless Copper Plating Strike MS MID 70-Strike
13 Electroless Copper Plating Build Up MS MID 70-Build Up
14 Rinsing
15 Catalyst Treatment Catalyst addition MS MID ACT-100
16 Rinsing
12 Electroless Nickel Plating Mid Phosphorous Shining MS MID 211 Shining
  High Phosphorous MS MID 611
  Ni-B 60℃ Work MS MID 811
13 Rinsing
14 Replacement or Reducing Gold Plating Option MS MID Auroless Process