Plating proess on Lead Steel Parts
Products Application Guidance

Materials which contain pb(lead) in them create pb-alkali by reacting acid, which deteriorate the sticking power on plating surface. It is necessary to pohibitthe pb surface from oxidation during pre-treatment process and to manage smut not coming up while the acid treatment process.


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No. Process Explanation Chemicals
1 Deposition Cleaning MS Clean 5000
2 Rinsing
3 Electrolysis Cleaning Cathode or PR MS Top Clean
4 Rinsing  
5 Acid Treatment  
6 Rinsing Activating The Circuit MS MID Cu-70 Strike
7 Electroless Nickel or Electric Nickel Plating Mid Phosphorous Shining MS MID 211
9 Rinsing
10 Anti-rust Treatment Water-based Anti-rust Agent MSANCO 200