Industrial Plastic(ABS and PC 40%) metalizing MSPL Process
Products Application Guidance

Products group for electro plating purposed metalizing process.Stability and strong sticking power of catalyst MSPL SP-PD may realize constant product quality even at low temperature. After catalyst treatment, it show good compatibility in metallization(electro Ni, electro copper, etc.) works. All products contain Ni MSPL mp-50 satisfy RoHS regulations.


Mr. S.H. Roh, GM / 010-7748-0994 /

No. Process Explanation Chemicals
1 Cleaning (or High sulfuric acid pre-etching) ABS Surface adjustment MS Cleaner
2 Liquid Removing or Transfer without washing
3 Chromic acid-sulfuric acid etching
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Butadiene release,Etching MS WA
4 Drag Back 3 / Rinsing 3
5 Restoration,Neutralization Residual hexavalent chromium removal HCl-H₂O₂
6 Rinsing 2
7 HCl Pre-Dip Catalyst stabilization 10%-HCl
8 Activation Ⅰ Pd-Sn Colloid catalyst adsorption MSPL SP-PD
9 Rinsing 2
10 Activation Ⅱ Annotation Removal and Pd Activation 10%-H₂SO₄
11 Rinsing 2
12 Electroless nickel (Electroless copper) Metallization of non-conductive resin MSPL mp-50
13 After that / Electroplating