Indium(In) Plating process of Wafer
Products Application Guidance

Electro Indium(In) plating process providing solution through individual process containing In-base processing


Mr. S.H. Roh, GM / 010-7748-0994 /


In case of electroless or electro-plating work on pb containing materials causing lead oxide on the parts surface or corrosion due to low current efficiency of plating solution,
– plating sticking failure, discoloration
– low current parts plating failure

No. Process Explanation Chemicals
1 Degreasing MS Top Clean
2 Rinsing
3 Activation
4 Rinsing
5 Nickel undercoat MS 200 S
6 Rinsing
7 Strike MS-IN 200
8 Electroplating   Indium Build Up MS-IN 200
9 Rinsing
10 Dry