Plating process on Aluminum materials
Plating process on Aluminum materials

Aluminum materials surface treatment process should depend on whether extruded materials, castings,, casting similar materials, manufacturing method. Majorcontrol process, along with soak-cleaning, desmut, zincate treatment process according to materials, working standard, by manufacturing lots should be set up in advance.


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No. Process Explanation Chemicals
1 Deposition Cleaning MS A Clean
2 Rinsing
3 Etching Surface adjustment by material / Alkali MS A-22
Acid etching agent MS A-32
4 Rinsing
5 Desmut MS A-111
6 Rinsing
7 Zincate 1 Ternary alloy treatment agent MS Zin-500
Non-cyanide treatment agent MS Zin-22
8 Rinsing
9 Zincate removal Acid immersion Option
10 Rinsing Option
11 Zincate 2 The immersion time is shorter than the first Option
12 Rinsing Option
13 Strike Electricity or Electroless Option
14 Rinsing
15 Electroless Plating MS 211/411/511/611/811
16 Rinsing
17 Sealing Sealing SG-1