High corrosion resistance Tungsten alloy plating
Products Application Guidance

It is developed to enhance the corrosion-resistance power of facilities exposed to the halogen fluoride and/or chloride complex in semi-conductor producing process or chemical industry. They are provided under the name of MS-NWM, and is fully supported to respond the various materials(stainless, aluminum, Ni alloy such as Inconel)


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1. Materials used in the device include nickel alloy steels such as STS, aluminum and Inconel.
Proper metal plating and pretreatment are required to process high corrosion resistance MS-NWM on these materials.
2. For aluminum materials; Zincate treatment requires zinc displacement plating and must be managed so that the Smut
layer attached to the surface does not affect the post-processing
3. Other passivated nickel alloy steels require proper activation treatment.
4. The MSC customer support team has a full process for preprocessing and maintenance of these materials.

No. Process Explanation Chemicals
1 Deposition Cleaning Removing the oil adhered to
the product surface
MS 5000
2 Electrolysis Cleaning Cathodic electrolytic degreasing MS Clean
3 Surface activation Activation of material surface Electrolytic treatment (recommended process depending on the material)
2 ~ 3 steps are also applied.
4 Undercoat Corrosion and Stress Management MS-611(NW)
5 Finish corrosion-resistant plating Corrosion-resistant surface treatment MS-NWM