MSC electroless nickel process introduction
Products Application Guidance

Following are Pre-treatment chemicals by materials, sort of electroless plating method by reducing agent, cobalt(Co) Tungsten(W) electroless alloy plating, and post treatment chemical. All the electroless nickel solutions do not contain any Pb, Cd that acceptable for RoHS regulations.


Mr. S.H. Roh, GM / 010-7748-0994 /

No. Process Chemicals character Application field
1 Deposition / Electrolysis Cleaning Top-Clean Deposition-Electrolysis Cleaning Steel and nonferrous metals
2 Immersion degreasing MS A-Clean No material corrosion Aluminum and alloys
3 Alkali etching MS A-22 Alkali degreasing/Etching Aluminum and alloys
4 Desmut MS A111 Si Desmut Aluminum and alloys
5 Zincate MS Zin-22 Non cyanide Zincate Aluminum and alloys
6 Zincate MS Zin-500 Ternary alloy Zincate Aluminum and alloys
7 Alkali activator MS Act500 Surface adjustment and activation Mo and Alloys
8 Catalyst treatment agent MS PD200 Catalyst activation Mo and Alloys
9 Metal activator MS PA-100 Metal material activation Steel and nonferrous metals
10 Metal activator MS Act-100 Metal material activation Copper and copper alloy
11 Nickel Strike Materials offer Light metal, copper alloy, STS, Ti
12 Electroless nickel MS EN-811 Ni-B (1%) Electronic parts
13 Electroless nickel(High Phosphorous) MS EN-611 Ni-P (10-14%) High corrosion resistance, Heavy EN
14 Electroless nickel(Mid Phosphorous) MS EN-411 Ni-P (8-9%) Standard Edition, Al undercoat
15 Electroless nickel(Mid Phosphorous) MS EN-211S Ni-P (8-9%) Semi Bright
16 Electroless nickel(Mid Phosphorous) MS EN-211 Ni-P (8-9%) High Bright
17 Electroless nickel(Low Phosphorous) MS EN-511 Ni-P (3% ) For high hardness parts
18 Electroless nickel(neutrality pH) MS EN-NP7 Ni-P (6-8%) Middle temperature Electroless nickel
19 Electroless nickel Cobalt Alloy KINKO-207 Ni-Co-P Alloy Electronic parts, shielding agent
20 Electroless nickel Tungsten Alloy MS NWL Ni-P-W Alloy Chemical device Anticorrosive quality
21 Electroless nickel Tungsten Alloy MS NWM Ni-P-W Alloy Anticorrosive quality and Wear resistant
22 Sealing SG-1 Corrosion inhibition, sealing treatment Post-plating treatment agent
23 Remover MS Strip-200 Remover (Two type) Copper and copper alloy
Recommended Process
1. Steel and alloys
– Deposition-Electrolysis Cleaning (Top-Clean)
– Activation processing (10%-HCl or MS PA-100)
– Electroless nickel (MS EN Process)
– Sealing (SG-1)
* High carbon steel products are anodic degreasing
2. STS / Inconel
– Deposition-Electrolysis Cleaning (Top-Clean)-Acid Dip (10%-HCl)
– Nickel Strike (Wood bath anodic etching 3-5 ASD 2 min treatment)
– Electroless nickel (MS EN Process)
– Sealing (SG-1)
3. Aluminum and alloys
– Deposition Cleaning (MS-A Clean) – Alkali etching (MS-A22)
– Desmut (MS-A111 Si Desmut)
– Zincate (Non cyanide Zincate MS-Zin22/Ternary alloy Zincate MS-Zin500)
– Electroless nickel (MS EN Process)
– Sealing (SG-1)
4. Molybdenum material
– Deposition-Electrolysis Cleaning (Top-Clean)
– Alkali activator (MS-Act 500)
– Catalyst treatment agent (MS-PD 200)
– Electroless nickel (MS EN Process)
5. Copper and copper alloy
– Deposition-Electrolysis Cleaning (Top-Clean)
– Activation processing (10% H2SO4 or MS-PA 100)
– Nickel Strike (Type: Wood improved, Watt, sulfamic acid) or catalytic treatment (MS Act-100)
– Electroless nickel (MS EN Process)
– Sealing (SG-1)
Instruction manual for each product

Degreasing and pretreatment agent : Top Clean /MS A-Clean /MS A-22/MS Zin-500
Catalyst non-catalytic activator : MS Dd-200/MS Act100/MS Act-500/MS PA-100
Electroless nickel : MS EN Process
Electroless nickel alloy plating : Electroless nickel Cobalt Alloy(KINCO-207), Electroless nickel Tungsten Alloy(MS NW Process)
Sealing : SG-1
Remover : MS Strip 200