LED Process
Products Application Guidance

Lighting device, semiconductor device which one way or forward direction current permitted but not for reverse current and when one-way voltage permitted, emission by reunion of hydrophobic carrier(electron, electron hole) injected under semi-conductors’ P-N voltage structure. Currently widely used for all the signal systems and TV and is expected to widen its usage. MSC handle full process for this item and satisfy RoHS regulations.


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No. Process Explanation Chemicals
1 Immersion degreasing (Ultrasonic) Oil removal  MS Clean 5000
2 Rinsing
3 Electrolysis Cleaning Oil removal  MS Top Clean
4 Rinsing
5 Soft Etching  MS A-111
6 Rinsing
7 Cu Strike  Wood or Modified type
8 Rinsing
9 Cu
10 Rinsing
11 Ag Strike
12 Rinsing
13 Ag
14 Rinsing
15 RBO inhibitor
16 Rinsing
17 Dry