PCB Final Finish ENIG plating process
Products Application Guidance

Lighting device, semiconductor device which one way or forward direction current permitted but not for reverse current and when one-way voltage permitted, emission by reunion of hydrophobic carrier(electron, electron hole) injected under semi-conductors’ P-N voltage structure. Currently widely used for all the signal systems and TV and is expected to widen its usage. MSC handle full process for this item and satisfy RoHS regulations.


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공정순 공정명 공정 설명 추천 약품
1 Acid Clean   MS Clean 32
2 수세
3 Soft Etching   MS PC-180
4 수세
5 Acid Dip
6 수세 MS  ACT 20/100
7 Catalyst  
8 수세 MS 100/150
9 E’less  Nickel  
10 수세 MS Glod M
11 Immersion Gold
12 수세
13 건조