Anti Tarnish
CR plate in process and final anti-tarnish temporary anti-tarnish for boiler tube, heat exchange tube in process tanks,roll after grinding shafts,and after shine annealing heat treatment of wire rod
1. Valid distance : about 60cm
2. Concentration of solution under even 50ppm resist effectively.
3. High solubility.
4. Quick response about anti-tarnish.
5. High resolution of crystal structure..
Water soluble cutting fluid(incl.emulsion line) fire-retarding hydraulic fluid(glycol family brake oil) Antifreeze(radiator)Iron/steel before circulating coolant heat treatment,large tanks,internal anti-tarnish of oil tanker,and spray(prohibit blockage of nozzle outlet,and for storage box for tin can
1. Fast-acting and strong anti-tarnish.
2. High steam pressure
3. Dissolving at water or alcohol.
4. Low irritant.
5. Evaporation after heating and no sludge.
6. No contamination at metal except copper.)
Anti-tarnish for general steel materials, large tanks,containers,pipes.additives for fire-retarding hydraulic fluid and multi-functional hydraulic fluid.
1. An anti-corrosive of metal products 30m3/g in the sealed space.
2. In the sealed container,it has a long-lasting effect
3. Without coating on the front,scatter can get enough effect.
4. Should be sealed when stored.
5. Quick response and strong anti-tarnish.
6. Also effective for Aluminum,Tin,Nickel,Chrome,and plated gold as well as steel.
7. Dissolve at water,alcohol and others.Slightly alkali.
Anti-tarnish for general steel materials,soluble paints,soulble adhesives and for other soluble materials.
1. Preventing corrosion of water with a litte amount.
2. Anti=tarnish water interface by VCI function.
3. Also effective for Aluminum,Tin,Nickel,Chrome,and plated gold as well as steel.
4. Might adversely affect the Copper,Copper alloy,Ag,Zinc,Lead,Cadmium and magnesium
5. Easily soluble in water but it insoluble in organic solvents.
Transport and storage purpose of such as machineries and distribution board.
1. During the keeping it is not decomposition and discoloration.
2. To some extent,hygroscopic and tend to harden by humidity,but does not change the effects.
3. Slightly toxicity.
4. Soluble in various organic solvents.
5. Volatile corrosion inhibitor for all of metal.
MS-OIL 1000
Internal anti tarnish additive for reducer,transmission, gearbox,oil hydraulic equipment,engine,and fuel tank
1. Can choose freely a kind of base oil about the purpose of the target.
2. Not necessarily required highly refined base oil,but highly contaminated sulfur contents,dust,water and floating particles may reduce the effect.
3. Volatile anti-rust oil which developed in consideration of compatibleness of general anti-rust oil
4. Volatile rust preventive oil for steel
MS-OIL 1200
Internal anti-tarnish for export/domestic packaging steel sheet, and sealed containers such as drummtank for reducer,gear box of internal combustion,and crank case
1. Although it applies small amount to material,it is effective(50mg/㎡)
2. Excellence in secondly coating property.
3. Excellence in property of remove.
4. Excellence in workability.
5. Noadverse effect to non-ferrous metals.
6. Able to neutralize finger print.
7. Able to reduced work process.
8. Nodegeneration while storage.
Machineries combined several dissimilar metals,structure,casting iron. porous-surfaced metal such as aluminum,after anti-tarnish for plating cleaning finished,worked in the anti-tarnish soluble metal working fluids, bearing,cogwheel,several metals,metal parts,metal containers,vehicles, electric equipment,firearm and agricultural inplements.
Create low cost by strong anti-tarnish and vovered wide area. because of adhesion with carrier part of press product and does not harden with part of oil-film In case of plating on surface started rust,it can prevent rust from process beginning at the surface Due to excellent water substitution,continuous even oil film maintained excluding water on the surface Oil film keep flexibility at low temperature(-50℃)and also no tarnish or carbonization at high temperature. The cleaner used with all of oil Cleaning and replacement time can be omitted
Anti-tarnish for temporary strage of iron sector, Tarnich test of tanks in the water,and hydrostatic pressure test of cylinder case
It shows us anti-rust effective by adding water 1~3% about metal and non-ferrous case of plugging entry,It should be anti rust at boundary line and expose part It can be used for a fingerprint remover and neutralize fingerprint. If 1~5% aqueous solution coats on mild steel plate,it can be layer able as non-dried.also it prevent rust of outside plate and inside plate form processing at indoor If it adds 1~3% intasting water.It can be possible for short-term anti-rust after discharging liquid or during hydraulic test. 2% aqueous solution control rust of cast-iron steel product and it is effective short-term anti-rust after discharging liquid.
Hydrostatic pressure test for various plant/machineries
1. If 0.5-2.0% of this product is added inside testing water,
2. It can prevent rust from processing by water
3. If 1-5% aqueous solution coats on mild steel plate, it can be layer able as non-dried.Also it prevent rust of outside and inside plate from processing at indoor.
4. Simply able to remove by rinse.
Rust inhibitor for all metal,alloy and plating products such as iron,zinc copper,and aluminum
1. It is effective water-soluble anti-tarnish inclouding steel product for all kind of metal.
2. It prements corrosiveness of water by adding 1-3%in the water.
3. If it applies 1%alcohol solution to product,it can prevent atmospheric0corrosion
Discoloration prevention of the middle of process
1. Superior bath stability. Preventing oxidation by Making organic film on treated copper surface.
2. No side effect with sticking and attaching throught others.
3. With volatile corrosion control power.
Anti-tarnish and sealing for precious metals alloy such as Ag,Au
1. High performance as anti-tarnish
2. Not causing staining or color change on surface by simply pre-soaking
3. No effect solderability and electrical conductivity
4. No toxic harmful heavy metals.
Copper,Copper alloy
1. Strong anti-tarnish for copper,copper alloy
2. Formed film has enough anti-rust power by thin insolubility transparent film
3. Toxicity is slightly
4. It can expert a valid synergistic effect with other corrosion in hibitor.In case of including different kind of metal,it can be used with other anti-tarnish
Anti-tarnish for tin and tin alloy
1. Does not cause staining or color change on surface by simply pre-soaking
2. Can be analyzed by simple titration and easy to manage
3. Excellence in anti-tarnish effect during heat treament.
4. High corrosion resistance.
4. No toxic harmful heavy metals.
IMOCON for all metal
Copper,Copper alloy
1. Strong anti-tarnish for copper,copper alloy
2. Formed film has enough anti-rust power by thin insolubility transparent film Toxicity is slightly
3. It can expect a valid synergistic effect with other corrosion inhibitor
4. In case of including different kind of metal,it can be used with other anti-tarnish
Remover of discoloration for Ag and Ag alloy plating
1. No corrosiveness at silver metal.
2. Improving soldering or electric resistance of discolored component
Copper,Copper alloy
Remover of discolored coating for Copper,Copper alloy plating